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Approved in the GPN system No. 7689
Approved in the GPN system No. 7689

תקנון ותנאי שימוש באתר

 approves, operates and develops (hereinafter: “the Operator”) a system that provides a website and/or an application that bears the name __________, and this on the Internet whose purpose is to enable monitoring of student performance and tools for formulating an intervention plan (hereinafter: will be referred to as a company for convenience only “The Company” and/or “The Website” and/or “The Service” and/or “The System” and/or “The Website Administrator”) by access authorities from the education system at this stage (hereinafter: “Access Authorities”).


Before registering and/or continuing to surf and use the company’s services of any kind, it is important that you check whether you are legally allowed to operate in the system and what laws, laws and regulations apply to you, including in connection with your field of occupation, in particular if you are operating legally and have received all the approvals to operate in the system and in accordance with its goals .

Accepting the terms of use

 Each visit and use of the website and/or its contents and the services offered therein or any website and/or service that replaces it constitutes consent to the terms of use below. If you do not agree to the terms of use below, you must refrain from using the site.

 Everyone who performs an action on the site declares that he is aware of the terms of use of the site and accepts them.

Only the rules published in these terms of use will bind the company towards the users.

The company reserves the right to change the terms of use from time to time, at its sole discretion. The terms of use are worded in the masculine language for convenience purposes only, but they, of course, refer to women as well. Sections where it is written in the singular will constitute a declaration and consent of the user to the content of the written things.

The use of the site


  1.  Definitions
    1. “Organization” and/or “institution” – an educational body approved by the Ministry of Education and given a specific authorization by the Ministry of Education by virtue of the general permit granted to it by the website owner.
    2. “General permit” – the Ministry of Education was given permission to use the system legally and after the legal parties found it suitable for internal use for its needs.
    3. “Permission” – by virtue of the general permit, the Ministry of Education has permission to allow access to various positions in the system and to grant them various privileges as the site allows, such as administrator’s permission or consultant’s permission, educator’s permission. The granting of permission and its legality are the responsibility of the Ministry of Education and the organization.
    4. “The user/s” – the registered website users and/or non-registered website users and/or website visitors, either one-time or regularly and/or authorized by the website administrator and/or the Ministry of Education.
    5. “Students” – the information collected is about the students. Depending on the context, they will be included as website users throughout the regulations.
    6. “The service” – collecting information about the functioning, behavior, coping of students and building an action plan for intervention when necessary.
  2. Registration and access to the website
    1. Access to the system will be through the username and password with which you enter the other systems and which you received when you joined the Ministry of Education (hereinafter: “access details”), when you lose your username and password, you must contact the Ministry of Education in the usual and legal way to issue new access details.
    2. Each user must keep his access details in a secret place and not give them to third parties. If the user discovers that the access details have been lost or discovered by a third party, the user will immediately contact the website owner and the relevant organization and the Ministry of Education.
    3. Some of the data collected with the initial login about the users are: student’s name, school, grade, ID number. (hereinafter: “User Joining”). The system then automatically assigns him to the class he belongs to in the appropriate school.
  3. Website activity
    1. When accessing the site and after registration, the appropriate authorization holder will be able to view the student’s performance, belonging to the class under his supervision, including his class performance in a wide variety of subjects. The data will be personal and the privacy of the students must be maintained as required by law and according to the procedures of the Ministry of Education.
    2. The authorization holder declares that he has the legal authority to share and disclose the students’ data to the system, and that they were found worthy and suitable for uploading to the website, after the authorization holder checked and understood the site’s activity.
  4.  Sectioning and Privileges
    1. To the extent that you notice that you have access to areas that do not belong to your field of activity, such as access to a report about a student who does not belong to the class in which you teach or data about students who are not in your class and/or in your field of activity/supervision, for any reason, you must immediately contact the site management in the Tzur area The connection and reporting on the subject includes all the essential details to enable treatment of the subject and they must be reported to the educational institution in the accepted manner and to the relevant parties.
    2. The system is configured so that each authorized access will have the opportunity to see only the student data that belong to the activity under his responsibility. If you see information beyond your permission and not for the purpose of fulfilling your duties, it is your duty and responsibility to inform the relevant person at the school and the system administrators about it.
  5.  Maintaining privacy
    1. The holder of the authorization declares that he will not use the information collected about the students beyond the purpose for which the use is intended and not beyond the permission given in the general permit and subject to the procedures of the educational institution and according to any law, in particular the laws related to the preservation of the individual modesty of minors and educational institutions and all for the fulfillment of his duties only. The website owner does not bear any responsibility for illegal use of the information or input that is illegal or does not comply with the policy of the Ministry of Education.
    2. The system data must not be transferred and/or disclosed to any third party and must be kept confidential. In particular, reports about the students and/or any other sensitive or personal information about the students about whom information is entered in the system.
    3. The user is aware of the threats that exist on the Internet, including various cyber attacks, and will therefore maintain adequate and acceptable precautions, including accessing the system only from the school’s Internet network and not from public Internet networks. Do not install the system on a device that is not his personal. Do not copy or publish the information stored and exposed to the system user.
    4. The system collects basic information about the students when they enter the system name, school, grade and class. After that, she presents sensitive information about the students about their work, their performance, etc. Do not enter information beyond what is necessary for the performance of the system’s purpose.
    5. The system will present the student’s functional map and the classroom intervention plan to those with appropriate authorization.
    6. Regardless, the system collects activity data on each user. Time of entry and exit from the system, the operations performed on the system. The system manipulates the information such as statistical analyses, different segmentations both on the information from a single user and on the accumulation of all the information. With each use of the system, the user allows the collection and analysis of the aforementioned information and is aware of it and its use.
  6. The use of the collected information
    1. The information collected from the use of the website is, among other things, for: realizing the goals of the website, presenting performance to the access authorities, presenting data to the other users and sending alerts.
    2. Some of the information will be for commercial use when its nature will be anonymous, aggregated, statistical in a way that the user cannot be identified. As mentioned, the information can be used for commercial purposes, internal purposes, statistical purposes and more.
  7. Sharing the collected information with third parties
    1. Personal information is transferred to external providers who provide a service for the regular operation of the system or to meet the requirements of the law.
    2. It is also possible that your personal information will also be shared with (a) subsidiaries or affiliates (b) the purchaser or partial owner of rights in the operation of the website (c) the legal authorities in accordance with the legal requirement. (d) Business partners (e) The transfer of any anonymous information as in the previous paragraph is possible to any third party and for any purpose as stated.
  8. The correctness of the information
    1. The authorization holder will be careful to enter only accurate and reliable content about the other users of the system. Any reliance on the information in the system is the sole responsibility of the user. The information must be checked before formulating any decision or action. The site will not have any responsibility for the correctness of the information.
  9. Payment
    1. In general, access to the system is free of charge, however the website owner reserves the right to offer access and use of the website for a fee. Notice will be given in advance and a reasonable time to get organized.
  10. Abuse and blocking of user activity
    1. If the website violates the website policy and/or is dangerous and/or offensive and/or disrespectful to other users, which includes students and/or violates any law and/or violates agreements and/or publishing false information under your account and/or not You provided information in a reasonable time and/or according to law and/or according to an authority that requires you to perform any action related to your account. The company reserves the exclusive right to perform any action at your expense for this purpose.
    2. The Company reserves the right in violation of the above to close, limit, delete or suspend your account without prior notice. The information will be preserved as much as possible and the user will be given the opportunity to contact the website management to clarify the issue.
    3. The site will be used only in accordance with these terms of use.
  11. Commitment and activity of the organization and/or the user and/or the authorization holder
    1. The organization will be responsible for violations by the licensee.
    2. The user undertakes to use the system as an end customer and will not trade or sell to other parties or give access to the system, beyond the permission given to him.
    3. The organization or a representative on its behalf, such as an access holder/permission holder, in order to use and rely on the organization database in the system, will create a complete profile in the system and undertake to fill in accurate details as the system requests, including details about the organization. To the extent that we provide details of third parties such as staff/students of the organization – the representative of the organization declares that he duly received their consent to the publication of their details on the website and explained everything involved and the issue of privacy in particular.
    4. The legally authorized person on behalf of the organization is the user registered in the system. The user creator on behalf of the organization declares that he has the legal authority to perform the activities allowed on the site. Among other things, the educational consultant will be in charge of granting permissions to the various users of the system.
    5. The organization must obey all system instructions to enable the service.
    6. The organization declares that it will not make illegal use of the data it receives, such as sending illegal advertising material. In any case, the website disclaims responsibility for the misuse of the system users’ data. The site makes efforts to prevent and eradicate these phenomena and at its discretion to warn and/or close the account of a user who has acted inappropriately towards another and/or towards another’s information.
    7. To the extent that the organization is found to be a user who misuses the website, the website owner has the right to remove, warn and/or limit the activity of the organization and/or any other user at its sole discretion. This action will result in the termination of the contract with the organization and/or any other user.
    8.  The site is only a platform for sharing information about students with users with different permissions. For any dispute between the organization and another user, the site will not be a party to the dispute. To the extent that one of the parties joins the website to the dispute, that party will bear the legal costs involved in order to accompany and represent the website in the dispute.
  12. Abuse
    1.  The user undertakes to use the system only according to what is permitted by law and for the purpose for which it was established. The company has the sole discretion to limit illegal website activity. Publishing, distributing, downloading, broadcasting (hereinafter: “publishing”) information or any output, product of the system that will be published will be done according to the following limitations: when it does not violate any rights of third parties or other users of the system such as intellectual property rights, copyright infringement , the right to the protection of privacy, sending spam that is not according to the law, any content that is not allowed to be distributed according to Israeli law, information that is offensive, threatening, racist, may form a basis for a civil lawsuit and the like.
    2. There is an absolute prohibition on committing computer offenses of all kinds – viruses, malware, Trojan horses and more. Content that may harm the feelings of the public and/or a certain public. Content that encourages the commission of a criminal offense, constitutes defamation, offensive content, violates a person’s privacy, pornographic or sexually explicit material, any material that concerns minors and identifies them, their personal details or about them and the means of communication with them, etc. The company has the discretion, in accordance with its policy, to determine from time to time what constitutes misuse.
    3. The user undertakes not to circumvent technical barriers on the site, to act in a way in which the source code will be revealed, to perform reverse engineering, decompilation, disassembly or in any other way to remake or discover the source code or distribute it in any way.
    4. Do not use the system in a way that exceeds the authorization or permission given.
    5. The user and/or the organization agrees that the sole discretion regarding misuse of the system rests with the owner of the system. The user agrees that enforcement actions will be taken when the system owner suspects that unusual activity is taking place on the site. Among other things, it will be possible for the website owner to limit certain actions and even limit access to users of the system. Everything is at the discretion of the website owner as mentioned above. The user will not have any grounds for a claim or compensation or demand of any kind.
  13. The nature of the service
    1.  The company makes the website available to the users as an internet tool for their use AS IS and the company should not be considered responsible for the treatment or any results and the user agrees and confirms that the use of the system, platform, information, student data, contents and uses thereof is done at the sole responsibility of the user.
    2. The user acknowledges that the use of the Internet sometimes involves disturbances, which are not under the control of the company, and therefore the company will not be responsible for any disruption and/or any loss of information during the transfer of information over the Internet or on the servers on behalf of the website owner (a third party). It is possible that the website in its entirety and/or certain parts and/or the service in general will be unavailable from time to time for any reason, including due to ongoing maintenance. Due to circumstances that depend on the company as well as due to circumstances that are not dependent on the company, it is possible that access to the website and/or its parts and/or the service will be interrupted, suspended and/or stopped, temporarily or permanently or that information will be lost or deleted. The user waives any claim and/or demand and/or claim for damage and/or payment and/or loss incurred due to the above.
    3. The company does not guarantee that the technological tools on the site will operate regularly and frequently. The company will make every effort to fix system malfunctions. It will be clarified that some of the site’s activities are operated by external parties.
    4. The company shall have the right, at any time, to change and/or terminate any feature and/or feature and/or use of the website and/or service, including content, operating hours and/or equipment and/or conditions required for access and use of the website and/or in part of the site. The company may stop the distribution of any information, change and/or terminate any method of information transmission and may change the speeds of information transmission or any signal characteristic and/or other transmission characteristic.
    5. Any use of the website is the sole responsibility of the user. The user declares that he knows that the company does not recommend and/or express an opinion.
  14. The content of the site and advertisements therein
    1. The company has no responsibility for the content that appears on the website, including their accuracy, reliability and/or for the publications entered by the various users, including the organization, which include harm, defamation, slander, deception and the like.
    2. The company is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness, completeness and usefulness of the site’s content. Under no circumstances, the company will not be responsible and will not be liable for any damage and/or loss caused by a user’s reliance on information obtained through the website and/or provided by the company and are the sole responsibility of the user.
    3. Without deviating from the above, website users must make sure to send and/or publish proper and legal content, which does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties and is accurate in their correctness. Users must also refrain from offensive, defamatory, defamatory and/or libelous publications. Users are prohibited from posting any false, misleading or misleading content. To the extent that one of the users has a clerical error and/or a technical error, he will bear the damages in this regard. The website makes efforts to monitor the content of the website but cannot detect any errors.
    4. The site has no control over what is written and cannot take responsibility for it. However, prior to the rule of law, a mechanism will be activated to monitor that the content is not offensive, defamatory, and/or violates other rights of the users of the system.
  15. Limitation of liability
    1. The association of the classes with the relevant access authorizations is done with the main organization and according to the base definitions of the general permit. According to the access authorities who have privileges according to the classes in which they operate and under the fulfillment and definition of their role. Everything as provided by the Ministry of Education or someone on their behalf.
    2.  Therefore, the website owner will not be held responsible of any kind regarding excessive permission granted to any user. To the extent that there is such a phenomenon, the holder of the authorization is obliged to report immediately to the relevant party in the Ministry of Education and to the management of the aforementioned system.
    3. The site reserves the right to upload and/or change the content and appearance of the site from time to time. The user and the organization are responsible for checking whether the upload is legal. The site will not bear any responsibility either directly and/or indirectly regarding the quality or legality of the content or its conformity to reality.
    4. Do not rely on information about the students provided by the access authorities and/or the organization and/or a third party on their behalf and/or any other information including maps, action plan, interpretation and any other information that appears on the website. The website owner does not take responsibility for the accuracy, nature, quality of the information.
    5. Do not rely on information gathered about the students, including the reports or the performance or functioning of the students appearing on the website. The website owner has no obligation and ability to monitor the truth of the content and does not pretend to monitor. Claims such as reliance on the system data, errors, malfunctions, misrepresentation, calculations, incorrect reports or system errors made based on the reliance on the information on the website will not be heard. There will be no grounds for compensation for direct and/or indirect damage.
    6. It will be emphasized that the site is an arena for sharing the knowledge reported in the system and displaying it according to access authorizations. The system does not pretend to be a tool for proven improvement but to be used as an aid only.
    7. The system disclaims any responsibility regarding misrepresentations, binding contracts created between the various parties in the system.
  16. Indemnification
    1. To the extent that the company suffers damage and/or claims arise against the company due to the user’s activity in the system, including as a result of a violation of the user’s obligations according to these regulations or a violation of the provisions of any law by act and/or omission, including claims for violation of intellectual property rights. The user undertakes to indemnify the company for the damage caused to the company and/or anyone on its behalf, including any claim or claim by a third party, in Israel or outside Israel, legal expenses in full such as attorney fees, fees and more. Immediately upon receiving a request.
  17. Privacy
    1. The company will make a reasonable effort to keep the user’s information and not to give the user’s information to third parties, as long as there is no legal necessity to do so, but the site’s activity is carried out in an online environment and therefore the company cannot guarantee absolute immunity against intrusion into its computers or disclosure of the stored information by perpetrators of illegal actions and as much as possible If an outsider accesses the information kept by the company and/or makes use of this information, the user will not have any claim, claim or demand against the company of any kind.
    2. The company may refuse to publish and/or transfer and/or delete immediately any content provided by a user at any time it finds that the user has violated these terms of use or has committed an act and/or omission that harms or may harm the services provided on the site and/or its users and/or for any other reason and without the need for any reasoning.
    3. The user is given the right to check for himself what information is stored about him in the company’s databases. To the extent that there is inaccurate information that appears about a user, he is welcome to contact and write to the site management.
    4. The company may edit any content provided by a user for the purpose of publishing it on the website, at its absolute discretion, including its brevity, adapt it to the website format and control the advertising area on the website as much as possible.
    5. The users of the site declare that they are aware that the company collects statistical information about the activity of its users on the site, among other things through the use of cookie technology and other analytical tools for marketing, business and other purposes and in order to adapt the site to the user’s preferences.
      (Cookies are text files, which the user’s browser creates according to a command and saves on the hard drive of the user’s computer. These files contain a variety of information, including the pages the user visited, the length of time the user spent on the site, where the user came to the site, information that the user requests to see when entering the site , and more.)
    6. The company will have the right, but not the obligation, to visit, monitor and monitor the content on the website and the service in general at any time, to determine whether the use of the service is made in accordance with these terms of use and in accordance with all the rules that will be established, to the extent that they will be established and in accordance with the system policy and by the company, as well as compliance with any law, law , regulation, regulation and/or request/instruction of a qualified body. Without deviating from the above, the company will be entitled, but not obligated, to remove any material, which the company believes, at its sole discretion, to be in violation of these terms of use, and this without reasoning.
  18. The company’s property rights
    1. All rights belong to the website owners, including the website design, logo, interface, website structure, software, applications, computer code, graphic files, text and any other material contained therein, are the property of the company and its intellectual property. You may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, distribute or make any commercial or other use, the content of the website or any part of it, without prior and express written consent from the company. Any violation of what is stated in this section may result in the violation of copyrights, trademark rights and/or other intellectual property rights, in a way that may subject the user to criminal and/or civil penalties and/or fines.
    2. It should be noted that all material sent by users to the company’s website belongs only to the company with a license from the Ministry of Education. When closing a user profile and/or account, the company will have sole discretion as to how to act with the content, photos, links, telephones, grades, etc.
    3. A limited and non-exclusive general use permit was granted to the Ministry of Education with the possibility of granting limited privileges to the officials in the organization. It is the responsibility of the users not to violate the license and the permissions given to them.
    4. The information entered on the website by the various users allows the owner of the website an unlimited license to use the knowledge for the purpose of providing the service and improving it.
  19. General
    1. The website owner can transfer all or some of his rights in the system to third parties. The user is not allowed to do so except as written in these regulations.
    2. For any question or request, you can contact the website owner by email:
    3. The company recommends its users to read and update, from time to time, the terms of use.
    4. The headings of the sections are intended for convenience and orientation purposes only, and shall not be used in any way to interpret the terms of use.
    5. These terms of use do not constitute a contract in favor of a third party and it does not grant any right to any third party.
    6. The law applicable to the operations on the site and to these terms of use is Israeli law only.
    7. Invalidity of one or more of these terms of use will not affect the validity of these terms of use as a whole. A condition that is not valid or cannot be enforced will be replaced by a valid condition that will be as close to the original condition that it replaces, as far as possible according to the law.