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Approved in the GPN system No. 7689
Approved in the GPN system No. 7689


Discover the powers in YOU!

The student's needs are identified and a personal suit is made for him

Our process

Step by step we will pave the way together!

The teacher identifies the student's performance and needs, and Edvise builds the path to success

The system is dynamic and can be updated at any time.

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What's happening at Edvise

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Power of a community
The power of community!!!
Noa Lahav- technological innovation in education tells about Edvise
So how can technology help us identify difficulties and provide...
Cooperation with Samaria Regional Council 2021!
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Thanks to Edvise, I felt that I was able to give the information about each one in an orderly and detailed manner, especially since most of my team members this year in the class do not know the girls before. It so perfects all the knowledge I also learned in college about building talots, and gives me a sense of professionalism. My instructor Matthias also really told me that your form is better. It's nice that there are people like you in the world who share their knowledge for the benefit of everyone! Edvise helped me a lot, I'm sure I'll use it a lot more during the coming year.
Yahal - 10th grade special education teacher
After using Edvise, I feel that there is a different language, and an understanding of what is expected of me as an educator in a Tahji yeshiva, including in class intervention.
Ephraim, a 3rd grade educator
The educator and the assistant greatly enjoyed the use of Edvise, the recommendations gave them tools on how to promote the student, there was a big change in the student, which had not happened in many years. The mother also says that she sees a change already at home.
Hani offers a personal basket
Edvise is the only tool that when you fill out a questionnaire you immediately receive recommendations for work in the field. In a simple process by pressing a simple button that leads to a great thing!! Edvise helps a lot in the dialogue with the parents, when you show them the functional map and the recommendations they understand and cooperate optimally
Elineam integration coordinator
Edvise helps me a lot in building my life. The questions of the interface create cooperation between the integration teacher and the educator, the student's profile comes out accurate. And Edvise creates customized goals and teaching methods. Thanks for this wonderful tool!
Shari morat Shivlov
It was great to see in the functional map how you can compensate for difficulties with the help of strengths. When the map is in front of our eyes it was easy and practical to find solutions.
Efrat menacheh, elementary school
Edvise is easy and friendly to use, the recommendations are detailed and clear for understanding and implementation by staff in regular education. I see the acceptance of functional, academic, social and emotional basics at all ages, so it is suitable for everyone. The high school administrators welcomed the software, keep up the good work!
Geula advanced supervisor in high schools
Edvise brings a refreshing breath of fresh air. First, some of the recommendations correspond to the dialogue with the teachers. Second, it succeeds in recruiting the teachers, because the interface takes into account the opinions of the educator and based on them makes recommendations. The program increased the guidance abilities both by enriching the intervention plans that are built together for the students, and in the cooperation with the teacher who feels like an active partner, since he filled out the questionnaire and has a part in the development of the created plan.
Gabriel experienced coordinator
Amazing... most wonderful! It's a shame that I don't have a way to script the reactions of the teachers, counselors and assistants while receiving the intervention plan and the functional map.
Mazal personal basket offering coordinator
wonderful program that immediately reveals the teacher's familiarity with the student's functions, a wide spread of the student's abilities and difficulties in the various functions, and allows the educational team to understand the entirety of the student's abilities and difficulties and to produce a uniform and professional language. The principals are very happy that the student is given a functional and accurate map for his needs and that all the options are mapped. The educator becomes more professional, and makes it possible to work in brainstorming in cooperation with the entire professional team. The parents are happy and cooperative, and the students receive reference for tests and preparation of SAT in the classroom and outside the classroom, personal empowerment, and if necessary, referral to various professional bodies. Cheers!
Iris advanced instructor
Using Edvise makes us very accurate at school. When preparing for complex meetings with parents, we prepare the meeting through the Edvise system. The amazing thing is when you show the parents the functional map and the way the teachers strengthen the child's strengths, the cooperation with the parents is completely different!
Sarah integration coordinator
Edvise helps to refine the professional work with the integration students. It gives the answers to work with the student in a clear way. We have now finished a meeting with parents in which we prepared the student's functional map in advance. Using Edvise gave a good professional place to start with and good output. The mother received the map at the end of the meeting and she has everything in front of her eyes and it was really excellent! Thank you!
Ohad school principal
received in my hand a booklet summarizing the diagnosis my son underwent. Now where do we start? How do I understand what exactly this means? How will I know what my son deserves? What to ask and expect from the school? I turned to Edvise for help and suddenly everything became clear. Everything is laid out in front of the eyes in a simplified and orderly way, both for parents and teachers. All we have to do is get to work...
Dorit mother of a child in the seventh grade
Edvise makes the teachers more professional, the students less transparent and the parents happy and cooperative!
Ortal school principal

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