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Approved in the GPN system No. 7689
Approved in the GPN system No. 7689

Noa Lahav- technological innovation in education tells about Edvise

So how can technology help us identify difficulties and provide answers to many students???
Noa Lahav – technological innovation in education tells about Edvise:
Anat makes technological innovation in education on a daily level, and also sweeps forward with her anyone who wants to too. And this is her answer to the question:
“I want to tell you a story, a familiar story about a teacher I knew, teacher Rina, a third grade teacher.
There are 30 students in her class and she comes full of energy and happy to teach.
But during the lesson 2 students walk around, 2 students talk to each other non-stop, 3 students never bring equipment and another student who asks for help endlessly
And there’s more…
Rina tries to help everyone with great attention and love!
But after a while it doesn’t work. The difficulties are increasing and the struggle is enormous.
You know the story right? As a teacher I met him countless times.
In most schools the story ends here,
And this is where my story begins
For 20 years I learned how to help Rina and her ilk.
The first step was to organize! The main work was to find out what the students’ strengths and weaknesses are, but mainly what the strengths are, because we can work with them. Give abilities and difficulties a name and understand the connections between them.
On this basis we built class work plans and at the end we refined plans for specific students and skipped the whole exhausting phase of trial and error.
When we shared parents with clear statements and answers, with a precise work plan that gives practical suggestions, the cooperation was above expectations!
It is not about another mapping, but in general. What should I as a teacher do tomorrow morning in my class, with my student.
We managed to upgrade the working method to a digital platform called Edvise.
The platform allows every school to do the process itself!
The teacher’s work issues a functional map of the student and a precise work plan for use in the classroom.
As the bridal coordinator, the problem is many times greater. It is not about one class but an entire school that is waiting for answers. Edvise can accompany one coordinator and weaken an entire school!
Strengthens the hubs of the bride, makes the teachers more professional, the students less transparent and the parents more cooperative!”
A little about Anat: entrepreneur and founder of Edvise. Didactic diagnostician, instructor and integration teacher, accompanies and advises parents and teaching staff.
Bride coordinators, teachers and administrators are welcome to contact Anat here or privately.

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