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Approved in the GPN system No. 7689
Approved in the GPN system No. 7689

Edvise is a platform that produces for the educational team a comprehensive and accurate answer for every student who faces an educational, academic, behavioral, social difficulty. By answering the student’s questionnaire, the system cross-checks and analyzes all the data and issues:

The program makes accessible tools and teaching methods that help the student in learning in the classroom. Thus Edvise enables schools to recognize and accommodate the needs of all students.

The program is approved in the GPAN system (No. 7689).

and is suitable for use in grades 2 – 10.

Edvise won the 2020 IT Awards – people and computers.

My name is Anat Ashur

Experienced integration instructor and teacher, didactic diagnostician and accompanies in-depth processes with teams of teachers and parents.

During my work, I dealt a lot with the early detection and treatment of the student in order to prevent the accumulation of gaps that harm him.

The various programs that I have implemented during my 30 years of work have taken shape

For a unique project that I initiated and established called Edvise and I am happy to make it available for you.

Questions that like to ask us

Yes!!! immediately!!

Fill out a questionnaire and immediately receive all the products: a functional map, an intervention plan, and a generator of TP and TP.

Know what to do and start immediately!

Of course!! Thanks to the functional map, the teacher knows the student precisely and, together with a personal suit he received for the student, manages to help him.

Edvise helps the teacher in several aspects:

– With the help of the functional map, the teacher is able to understand the student and identify his abilities and needs and the connection between his conduct in the classroom and his abilities.

– The teacher acquires professional knowledge and language that allow him to distinguish the students’ abilities more quickly. And of course the whole class benefits from it.

The teachers report that thanks to the precise knowledge they provided to the parents, they had a very fruitful cooperation. – Shilov and Han’am teachers organize all the information about the student in one place and benefit from the TAH and TALAA generator that is built together with the class teacher.

The biggest struggle for parents is the delay in diagnosing the child’s difficulty, and a too long process of trial and error. Edvise shortens the process and the precious time, and allows parents to act in the best interest of their child more clearly.

Edvise is a decision support system that collects information from the envelope surrounding the child and as such it cannot replace a diagnosis

Definately not!!! On the contrary, Edvise is a decision support system. Helps the educational team to understand the child’s strengths and the connection between the various functions and the ways of working in the classroom that will help him. It strengthens the teacher’s work and makes it more accurate.

The introductory package is recommended for a teacher looking for a solution for a limited number of students, for a private teacher, for diagnostic institutes and didactic psycho-diagnostics, for a teacher who wants to get to know Edvise.

A 3-year package allows the school to implement the use of Edvise and to accustom the teachers to use it regularly.