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Approved in the GPN system No. 7689
Approved in the GPN system No. 7689

From an interview for “Technological Innovation in Education

Hello friends, I would like to introduce myself Anat Ashur – Entrepreneur, teacher and veteran integration instructor and didactic diagnostician
The project of “Edvise” – a system for educational accuracy that helps in early detection and creating an accurate answer for every student who has difficulties in the education system.
And we will explain a little more. The system makes it possible to issue an accurate work plan for the student for the teaching staff to use in the classroom. The greater advantage of the project, beyond the one-off help, is in the creation of professional teaching teams, which significantly reduces the number of struggling students. Because in most cases they are easy and an experienced and accurate teaching staff will be able to provide an immediate response.
This year, a pilot is starting in six schools.
The technological development has ended and we are in the final stages of obtaining a supplier’s permit

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